The deadline for all paper submissions: April 30th, 2023

Papers must necessarily be related to any of the workshops and/or dissertations scheduled in the scientific programme of the conference. They can be presented either in Spanish or in English.

  1. Papers must be submitted to:

The email matter box must be filled in as follows: Paper_Researcher’s full name

  1. The maximum length of the paper is around 20-A4 pages (Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced). Footnotes must be used only if strictly necessary.
  2. The first page of the paper must include:


-Name of author/authors

-Institutional affilitation


A minimum of four key words, both in English and in Spanish

  1. The paper must be accompanied by a summary of at least two hundred words, written both in English and in Spanish.
  2. Papers must be structured into sections. Divisions must be introduced by means of Arabic numerals (1., 1.1., 1.1.1., and so on).
  3. Text references can be based either on an author/year system or by means of footnotes. The final reference list must be alphabetically ordered. Authors are kindly requested to check cohesion between text references and the final reference list.

6.1. Books must be quoted as in the following example: Allen, F. and Gale, D. (2001): Comparing Financial Systems. MIT Press. Cambridge.

6.2. Articles must be quoted as in the following example: Berglof, E. and Bolton, P. (2002): “The Great Divide and Beyond: Financial Architecture in Transition”. Journal of Economic Perspectives 16(1), pp.77-100.

6.3. Book chapters must be quoted as in the following example: Munari, F. and Sobrero, M. (2003): “Corporate Governance and Innovation”. In M. Calderini, P. Garrone, and M. Sobrero (Eds.) Corporate Governance and Market Structure and Innovation. Edward Elgar. Cheltenham, pp. 3-27.

  1. Authors will be certified that their paper has actually been received. Presently the Scientific Committee will submit it to a blind review process.
  2. The Scientific Committee will select those papers to be presented orally.

9. The thirty best papers papers will be published in a special issue of the Institute of European Studies’ Journal.

  1. The papers selected for oral presentation will be given a maximum span of ten minutes.

11.For more information regarding the Conference please write to: